As things keep going sweet for the Ugandan Ghetto Kids in the US where they have spent around two Months performing at every show French Montana performs on. Being the holders of a new record in Uganda of being the first Ugandans to perform at the Nickelodeon Teens  Choice Awards, the Ghetto kids did not see this as huge step in their career but rather they decided to dedicate the record to the fellow Ghetto Kids back home in Africa.

Being from the ghetto they know how it feels being born from the ramshackle houses and the stinking environment full of stagnant waters everywhere and trenches, they really appreciate what God has done for them to lift them from grass to grace. They said that the show was dedicated to those children in Africa who have lost hope in their lives that they should not lose hope and should keep fighting on for a better tomorrow.

“We dedicate our last Fox Teens Awards show to all our fellow children back home in Africa most especially those who are still in the ghetto ,those who have lost hope… please there is still time to change your life never give up .God above is alive and ready to change your life, work hard one day you will make it .We love all our fans to the end all over the world, We miss you home people , We can’t wait to see you very soon . #Unforgettable French Montana @Fox teens choice Awards” they said

Remember  they are nominated in AFFRIMA awards and the voting is still on, so let us raise up high and support our own kids so that they hit the apex of their career. Voting is done like this, for Affrima, log on to, then for Uganda Entertainment Awards use Hashtag #UEA17GHETTOKIDS and vote as many times as you can. All the best our own.



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