Ugandan Daniel Kaluuya nominated for an Oscar.

Get Out has been nominated for four Oscars including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor.

Lead star Daniel Kaluuya’s name was mentioned among fellow Best Actor nominees Timothee Chalamet, Daniel Day-Lewis, Gary Oldman and Denzel Washington t huge applause from the assembled crowd while filmmaker Jordan Peele became the fifth black person to be recognised in the Best Director category in Oscars history following John Singleton (Boyz N the Hood), Lee Daniels (Precious), Steve McQueen for 12 Years a Slave in 2013 and Moonlight filmmaker Barry Jenkins just last year.

The horror satire which was a critical and commercial smash hit has become the second Best Picture nominee to have ever had a US release of February after 1991 winner The Silence of the Lambs– also a horror.

Get Out – which cost $4.5m – also saw Peele nominated for Best Original Screenplay.

Kaluuya is the first actor of Ugandan origin to get nominated for an Oscar award and if he wins, he’ll be the first Ugandan to win an Oscar.

Kaluuya will have to beat Denzel Washington, Daniel De Lewis, Gary Oldman and Timotee chalamant to take home the award of the best actor. All the best Daniel!. The 90 annual Academy awards are set for March 4.


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