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Tbrology Vol 1_T bro

Born Tabaro Jerome in 1983 to a then businessman,Mr John Mujungu(R.I.P) and Juliet Mujungu,Tbro always loved music. He attended Bat Valley primary school,St Henry's Kitovu and Namirembe Hillside for his A levels before pursuing a musical Career. His first mixtape titled "The black man's dream" gained some air play with hit singles such as "Duuka",Jazza",and Omukiga". He then went on to record songs with many artists most notably GNL,Aziz Azion and Lumix who then combined to make the 2010 song of the year,"True manhood". Tbro has also worked with other different artists such as Lady Slyke,the Mith,Jamal,Barbie J,Keko,Lethal,Krac Bone,Himbi,Rugged,JT,OPu,Black Reign,N.I, Lady Mariam,the list is endless.

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