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The Infamous_Scotty Mow

He started doing music at the age of 12, at 18 He had he first stage performance at the Modern Montesori college in Jordan where He was studying at that time. he performed along side LSP “Last Standing Poet” one of best young rappers alive. In 2005 he got a chance to work in his home country with his best friend Hannz Tactiq. They did a few songs together but Scotty's stay was interrupted with studies, so he had to attend Colledge in Malaysia. Scotty has worked with a couple of artists from all over the world including the CEO and Founder of 4real records Justin Kingland a.k.a JKL who took him in as not only as an artist but as a son and showed me how to upgrade my game and improve on his talent. Scotty has worked with artists includin, BlackFaceNaija, Donnabella, Big Boy Bullet, Crystal Fabulous, Ieyta Perry, Gim, Calisto, Yung Zion, ML, Dengo, Crystal Fabulous and is still working with more. Scotty Mow is inspired to work with particular artists because of the creativity and imagination their music carries. His the kind of artist who likes thinking outside the box because most of the time that’s where the best ideas lay! He is currently working under the wings of Row Records Management.

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