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Release date: April 14, 2017

Last Breed EP_Mickey So-Low

LAST BREED EP, Mickey So-Low's first solo (no pan intended) full length project. it is an eight track EP (including Intro and Interlude). It runs for 22 minutes which is quite a sneaky insight into Mickey So-Low’s world Track details In the order respectively, J The 45 produced Intro, Sliq Teq produced Heard Me, Muntu Nsolow, No Hook, Paid In Full (part one) and Well Known. The DustVille singer and producer produced the last two tracks on the EP; Interlude & Gone. Baru had his hands on Paid in Full for Mixing and Mastering and 90% of the mixing and mastering by J The 45. There is also appearance from Rex Beats. We were expecting tracks like New Day, Pray and Last Breed to be on this one but well Mickey packs LAST BREED with impressive tracks and the already released Paid in Full part one features. Production ranges from J The 45, Sliq Teq and mainly done at Dizzy Dust records.[source .]

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