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Kemishan Music

Ever since he picked up the mic, kemishan has never turned back. Through the years, he has been up and down, through various studios ( valleycurve, blackhole, osmond, buddies, gert num and Urban Aksent and released various songs with various producers ( Branton, Andy music, Theweeezy and Lawraid vybz ) In febuary 2011, Kemishan got his first record deal with Osmond records where he releases his first single "Ay You", which is the first of a series of undeniable dancehall smash hits rocking uganda today, off his first album " for the ladies" which is due to be released later this year. Alongside other associated acts, kemishan has done a number of hot tracks which give him an established solid base as an music artist/ musician who is now signed under "KUNTAKINTE RECORD LABEL".
"In life, if you don't work hard and dirty, you won't get nowhere, so our cup is full" sean paul.
Today am working on more and more songs to hit record breaking air play in east africa and the world at large, whether on radio, television and various social network sites on the internet. With a success of stage performance and team work efforts, as one we shall reach higher heights. As a individual artist, musician, and songwriter, Kemishan's music paints pictures in silence. Its been a wonderful journey so far, filled with new and promising encounters, its also challenging but he loves what he's doing so it makes it that much easier.

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