The Mufasa Road Trip, How it all went down!!!(Photos)

The event was that was organized by Mufasa Tours and travel ,, Beautiful
People and with the support of Jumia travel in the quest to promote Local tourism.

Day 1,We set off at 11.00 am, did some light liquor shopping in kyengera before setting
off for the Equator that was full with various tourists.

The Equator visit was a good sign that the trip would be awesome getting along with
various tourists. We hit Lukaya and cleared all the birds that were roasted before
making a stop over at the CourtYard along the Masaka Mbra high way.The courtyard is
beautiful, calm with a beautiful pool and beautiful compound. We proceeded to Igongo
cultural center,what a beautiful place that is,we were guided and given a history
about each cottage,viewed the beautiful rooms as they briefed us about their future
plans of the place.

We then hit the road to Mbarara at around and camped at children’s center just
opposite lake view where we did our personal goat roasting plus another liquor
refill.The view of lake view from across is next to non.The lights reflection on the
water plus the cozy mood it created was too good for a laid back plan.After an
awesome roast we hit the road at around midnight to sum up day 1 at satellite
holiday resort.

Day 2 .We woke up to a very ballistic breakfast and kicked off our activities

starting with mountain biking,that hustle needs fit chaps that live in the gym.We
rode all the way to the Nyabingi rocks a view that can literally take your last breath.

A brief history about the rocks,the queens and the colonialists was the story
of the day.We moved on to the pirate ship,where the facial expression of every one
on it was was worth every penny.We then hit the ninja warrior activity that
challenged every one up from two awesome people that Where way too fit for the rest
of the group.Big up Trevor & Reina that actually finished the whole course!

Day 3 .We decided to kick off this day at 5pm of day 2.we visited wakanda land
(Buyonyi Acadia suites),The cottages in that place are so awesome that if you made
love from there you would conceive quadruplets.They have a view for days,you can
forget that some of the bad times.

Rain tried to kill our vibe we shifted the party to birds nest..a place every
Ugandan should visit before they die,its a stone throw away from Acadia suites.Its
so beautiful you can again forget your problems, immediately you step foot on
ground,It has some cozy light all the way to the lake where u can view Ann
kansiime’s back packers thats well lit from across. Its so private and majority
visitors are government cars and foreigners.

We visited kabale town,to our surprise they have more working street lights than
Kampala.We visited mist bar that is so cool, you could think u are at alchemist.The
Dj was so on point u would think it was silver back drooping them Jams. It was one of
our own…DJ SLAGFACE!

After our prolonged day 3, a long night of turning up we relaxed and decided to hit
the road at about 11 am back to kampala. I got a text from a good friend who invited
us to his farm Mr Edmound Kamagara .He slaughtered a goat and some chicken for us.We
camped at his farm for a while before ditching the well prepared meal. What a
welcoming home that was.

The crew was so happy to be hosted,’thank you’ couldn’t be
said enough ,we promised him we would pay him a better visit and bring him some
yellow thighs and some chicken if you understand that millennial slang.

Shout out to our drivers,the most professional drivers i’ve ever met, felt so safe
at every point. Every body that paid up had good remarks about the trip,infact they
felt they had paid less.Watch out for our various up-coming trips.
#PromotingDomesticTourism #MufasaRoadTrip (MRT1).

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