Its hot..Phyno shot a Video in Uganda without you knowing!

It has become a silent norm for big international stars to sneak into the country, do their thing, fly away with just a few insiders knowing about it. Folks should come to terms that international stars and celebrities  have made it a standard procedure to come and go un-noticed unless you are Judith Heard, Navio or any other in these relevant in power circles,

Anyways watch Phyno’s Video done, shot and directed by UNLIMITED L.A in Mbuya, Kampala, Uganda right here. Phyno_If To Say_Official Video

In the Video, we get to realize big players in accommodation facilities and services business mostly highlighted Enkombe Apartments in Mbuya owned by the re-known entrepreneur and successful business merchant Mr. A. Busingye of Cineplex Cinemas and former Boda Boda bar and Restaurant Establishment at Garden city Kampala.

All in all, even without a budget, the Entertainment Industry has showed great motive and played a great role towards the development of Uganda’s tourism industry, hospitality, social being and welfare of the communities they work with in.

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