Flex​ The Paper to give fans a listening party for award nominated mixtape “NOT FOR SALE”

After a successful online release and more than 5000 downloads a listening party seems to be the next logical step.

With songs like Yenze Aliko, 6am in Nairobi, Ting Badi Malo and Day Ones being particularly well received by the hip hop community in general , we personally can’t wait for this one

According to Flex the Paper, fans can expect live performances of their favorite songs off his latest hit mixtape “Not for Sale” , and physical CD packs with all sorts of extras available! He goes on “…this is to give fans an old skol feel of hip hop that we are slowly loosing now days!”

As the saying goes “old is gold” expect an intimate hip hop night!


Download or stream the “Not For Sale” mixtape here

Not For Sale_Flex D’Paper

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