#FashionTakeOver #ASFA2017 as Told by Ahumuza Brian on NTV the Beat

#FashionTakeOver #ASFA2017

Ahumuza Brian the founder of the ASFAs appeared on NTV the BEAT last Friday to explain the theme of this year’s awards ‘The Fashion Takeover’
“The awards were launched under the theme ‘Fashion Takeover’ which by definition is everything I’ve always wanted to do. Fashion is ruling now, and taken very seriously.

Back in the day it was very hard to take a fashion stylist or makeup artist seriously. However, now many young people are earning a living out of these professions. I’m living testimony that fashion can be good business. I pay taxes, I’ve managed to give my fellow young people employment and this is only just the beginning.

So, it is high time we took fashion seriously because it has taken over.” – Ahumuza Brian.

With the theme, we want to celebrate the business potential of fashion. And also show everyone out there that you can turn your creativity into a profit making business.

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