After the release of ‘Eneka’, many critics and fans complained that the song was a copy of Davido’s ‘Fall’.

Now Diamond’s producer Lizer from Wasafi Crew who produced Eneka has spoken about allegations of Diamond copying Davido who he has worked with before.

The producer denied copying Davido’s music and said that Davido’s and Diamond’s songs are of the same genres but are not an exact copy.

“This is music and we all know every type of music has its own style, be it Zouk or be it reggae, the beats of these genres are similar. Even in Jazz the same case applies, there are some beats that have to be similar for it to be classified under jazz.

I’ve heard these reports and there is one thing people need to understand, the beat used in both songs is an afro-beat which has been fused with American styles like crunk and trap to make a modern Afro-beat that sounds a lot like Davido’s ‘Fall’, Selebobo’s music and Tekno’s music and aside from a few tweaks put in each song, the music basically sounds the same.” He said on AYO TV.

He then went on to add that right now Nigerians are the market leaders and every producer is looking up to them and wants to learn their ways so as to make great music.

“I am not really concerned if people think the beats are similar or not, what I am more concerned with is whether people will love this different style of music, how it will perform in the charts and the reception. That is what I am concerned with.” He added.

Source:[ Plive.co.ke]


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