Anne Kansiime Honored at SIIKETV Awards in Philadelphia!

Anne Kansiime ,Celebrated standup comedian alias Ninja of Comedy was on Saturday night honored by the SIIKETV International Awards for her outstanding talent of humor and creativity in the Rising Academy Awards that took place at the Clarion Hotel, Philadelphia International airport, United States of America.

She is not only the African Queen of comedy but is a mesmerizing figure in the entertainment industry whose immense talent is enabling her to go further in the industry, definitely the blessed Mukiga from the land of Kabale is blessed for it.

Kansiime was present in person to collect her honorary Award thus thanking the Almighty for blessing her with an amazing gift that is moving her places of success in such a complex and competitive world.

“Thank you, thank you and thank you again my ninjas. Thank you SIIKETV for taking a chance with me. Because of the faith you have in me my ninjas, I have continued to be accused of being the African Queen of comedy.
Glory to God! Smile with me,” Anne Kansiime lamented.

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