So just when you thought every event in Kampala was the same there is always that one that surprises you.¬†Fortunately this was one of them. It was what you expect….fun, good crowd, live music ….yes!!!.. and good staff! And wow what a set up…the roof top of the square provides the perfect ambiance for this EDM THhROW DOWN! by DJS Aleczandah, Ken X Hitter, THE DJ RPM & THE DJ BK, AO, Cheek-o-dread.

What can I say, was a nice line up, nice music and nice venue is a hella combo , but most importantly the crowd seemed to enjoy themselves.

As you settle down into the night , the EDM sound sensation settles in even for the non-fan it’s easy to get into the mix. The light fixtures brought whole AEON concept together!

Photo credits [@dash_ceo, @rahim mapara]

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