This year’s event is taking place from Mon 28th Aug to Sat 9th Sept 2017 in Masindi. The Hip hop Boot Camp is a multilingual intensive two-week residential workshop aimed at conveying music industry skills to talented musicians who have the potential to breakthrough and become successful in the music sector.
The sessions are delivered by a variety of facilitators offering a programme in various aspects of the music business. The Boot Camp is organized by Bayimba Foundation with the new support from Africalia.
Participants will be taken through various sessions like Uganda Hip Hop Scene: Past & Present, The Visual Aspect Of Music, Public Relations, Songwriting Creative Process, Rap Ciphers, Ug Hiphop Awards: What’s their relevancy?, Introduction to Harmony/Chord Theory, Women In Hiphop, CV & Profile Writing, Live Performance and Studio Preps, Artist Management, Career Development, The Impact Of Internet & Social Media and Physical Exercise (compulsory), The sessions will be delivered by experienced lecturers and music industry professionals that will be revealed very soon.
“We have included the daily physical fitness to take them through different drills every day from 6AM to 6:30AM to work on their physical strength and concentration. We also have mind games that require a full participation of the participants to work together. This helps the participants to get used to the boot camp style and to be free with each other.” Sylvester
To nurture collaborations in song composition, the artists will be divided into groups of different cultures and backgrounds to sit together, create and share ideas. “We want them to be part development process of the music for them to have sense of ownership. In the second week, a mobile studio will be set up temporarily in one of the rooms to prepare for the recording, with each producer on a different schedule.”
 A 10-track audio album dubbed “Hiphop Boot Camp Music Vol. 5” will be available to the public within 3 weeks after the camp. Each participant will get CD copies while the rest will be used for promotion and media purposes.
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