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Biography On 1st meet, a very simple laid back person but yet again a very intriguing character. Abaasa grew up in Makerere a vibrant suburb of Kampala the capital city of Uganda, loves taking walks, writing music, playing drums, cats and generally keeping a positive attitude towards life. Abaasa Rwemereza (real names) also known as THE DRUMMER BOY is a music writer, producer, vocalist, instrumentalist (drums, keys, guitar, mention it!)
Abaasa’s academic journey saw him attend City Parents Primary School, Makerere College School and the celebrated King’s College Budo. In 2013, he attended the SAE Institute of Technology, Hollywood Campus where he studied a Diploma in Audio Engineering after which he pursued a BA in Audio Production at the SAE Institute, London campus. This gave him an edge to his musical limits with diverse exposure of various cultures a thing he has managed to translate musically.
Coming from a humble background Abaasa was introduced to music early having a holistic approach towards music which brewed his love for the drums, guitar, keyboard and so forth all on a quest to create a new sound. At the age of 14, him and a couple of peers started Dios Amigos Band while in high school, this later led to formation of the NOVELL BAND in 2010. During this time, Abaasa got a chance to perform for a vast and diverse crowd and also worked with renowned artists like Lillian Mbabazi and the Sundowners band, Sitenda, Ruyonga and the list goes on. It also triggered him to try out studio production journey recording his first song, Tuesday Afternoon in 2012. This paved way for his debut mix tape RUKUNGIRI which portrays a very mature and diverse character and aspects of musical maturity in him elucidating his quest to bring forth a new sound with dynamic songs like Run away, Find myself and Ntegyerize which topped the Magic100 wicket top 20 countdown. The mixtape also featured a diverse cast of artists like Patrobas, The Mith and Kael. It goes without saying, Abaasa is what you would call a futuristic perfomer.

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