So just when you thought every event in Kampala was the same there is always that one that surprises you. Fortunately this was one of them. It was what you expect….fun, good crowd, live music ….yes!!!.. and good staff! And wow what a set up…the roof top of the square provides the perfect ambiance for this EDM THhROW DOWN! by DJS Aleczandah, Ken X Hitter, THE DJ RPM & THE DJ BK, AO, Cheek-o-dread.

What can I say, was a nice line up, nice music and nice venue is a hella combo , but most importantly the crowd seemed to enjoy themselves.

As you settle down into the night , the EDM sound sensation settles in even for the non-fan it’s easy to get into the mix. The light fixtures brought whole AEON concept together!

Photo credits [@dash_ceo, @rahim mapara]

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